NASA & Nokia is launching a 4G network on the moon!

Nokia, Finland’s largest consumer electronics maker, decided to launch the 4G mobile network on the moon. This work is originally awarded to NASA in a 380 million project worth 14.1 million. Nokia will build a 4G / Let communication system there as part of Nasa’s Project to send astronauts to the moon.

But even though the 5 G network is on in the world, there are many questions about why 4G is being set up on the moon. However, Nokia has also explained it.

According to Nokia’s website, signals from the 5 G network can travel very short distances, but there are no such restrictions on the 4G network. This will enable communication between the International Space Center (ISS), the Lunar Rover, and the astronauts through the Forge network.

According to Nokia, high definition video streaming of the lunar surface can also be done with the help of the 4G network.

However, Nokia believes that the 4G network is much more energy-efficient than the analog network and will open new avenues for future space communication.

Nokia’s North American branch will work on this 4G project. However, the project will continue until 2027. This means that the 4G network will be used for research on the moon for these four years.

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