Google Maps new feature ‘Business’

“Google My Business” Call History New Features for 2020 to help businesses see and respond to missed calls coming from Google Search and Maps. From now on, before going to the required destination like a shop, shopping mall, it will be known how many people are there.

Google has announced new features to keep peoples a little safer during the ongoing coronavirus. This function has not yet been added to Google Maps. Users will get various notifications only if they search for the updated destination.

If you want to go to a store, you have to search for the place to know the status there. After that, the ‘Google Business‘ feature will show on the map. For this, there will no need to search through crowded places. Notifications can be, ‘Not busy,’ ‘Busier than usual,’ or ‘As busy as it gets.’

This feature will be added to Google as soon as possible. Google has added a few more new features to its maps. Searching for nearby hotels and restaurants have now been made much easier. Then when you open the map, you will get information about 25 services from additional categories including takeout, delivery, and grocery options.

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