How to Become a Professional Photographer

Photography is not only the name of a hobby or passion. At present, it has become one of the most competitive and demanding professions all over the world. It is a very fortunate fact for anyone if he/she can take his/her passion as a career. As this profession allows both money and fame, the young generation is leaning against it more and more. So in our article, we will share some tips about how to become a professional photographer.

We can divide the whole process into three major parts for the convenience of understanding.

Learning  Photography

Undoubtedly the first step of becoming a photographer is learning photography properly. To master photography, you need to follow certain tips. Here the recommendations are:

Know About the camera:

The camera is the most important photography equipment. Without having a camera, nobody can imagine becoming a photographer. So, try to learn everything about it. Which part is meant for which work and the proper use of them should be taken in full control. Fumbling before your clients for anything related to the camera may create a negative impression on your professionalism.

Find out your interest:

The domain of photography is vast. If you set your mind to being a photographer, you must find out the answer -Which things inspire you most behind this passion? You may not find the answer instantly, but don’t be impatient. Take time, and don’t stop. Keep taking pictures. Very soon you will find your answer.

Learn about Photo Editing Softwares:

In the competitive world of photography, you must have a piece of good knowledge of photo editing software if you want to become a professional photographer. Photo editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom will help you present your photos more attractively.

This software will be a great help for correcting your images. It can help you resize images, correct color, blurring the background and highlight, etc. Don’t do over-editing on your photos. Keep it natural.

Take Professional Courses :

As you intend to take photography as a profession, take professional courses or training. Nowadays, many renowned photographers offer classes and seminars on photography. Many universities have also allowed taking a BA degree in photography.

Professional photography courses will help you get all the necessary information and apply it effectively.

Follow the Legend:

Do you know Nadav Kander, Richard Kalvar, Richard Avedon, Hiroji Kubota, and Pieter Hugo? If your answer is no, then you must learn about them. They are the expert in the photography world. The best way of mastering any topic is to follow the legend of that sector.No, I am not telling you to copy them, but you must take ideas from them.

You may find many of their works online. Watch them and think about them. They have focused on their subjects, how they have depicted their ideas, and most importantly, how they have captured the moment. All these things are a great source of learning for you.

Be Update With Latest Informations :

To be professional in any sector, you should always be in touch with the latest information in that field. The world is digitizing and updating in every aspect. The techniques of photography are much different from how it was ten years ago. Every day something new is happening in this sector.

Read online articles, books, and journals. It will help you learn new tips, tricks, camera settings, and the use of camera lenses. If you have previous knowledge about these, your learning process will be very easy.

Research and Think:

Researches bring out creative ideas that pave new ways. Besides taking photos, one needs to investigate famous images and new opportunities.

Facebook and YouTube can help you in this regard. Many Facebook groups provide opportunities for uploading photos, ask for critical discussion, and suggestions for purchasing gear. Besides, they also help you by informing you about photographic location.

Join these groups and watch video tutorials on YouTube. It will help you research and make you think deeper about photography, ultimately discovering new things.


To become a professional photographer, you don’t have any alternative to practicing regularly. Do regular practice. After learning a new trick or camera setting, you must need to apply that trick.

Continuous and regular practice will furnish you with the talent you would know about your strength and weakness. It will help you a lot in building up confidence.

Choose the right pieces of equipment:

You need to select equipment depending on which type of photos you are taking. But some equipment is common for all. Like, you must have one or two camera bodies and different types of lenses for different situations.

The next thing you need is editing software. If you want to do indoor shoots in your home studio, you need lighting equipment.

Select your gear carefully :

Good equipment is the precondition of good photography, but you need to be very careful about choosing your equipment. It’s not wise to purchase high quality and expensive gear in the very initial period. It would be best if you started your journey with used but good conditioned gear. You can also rent equipment. You should rent those gear which is rarely used.

Prepare Yourself Professionally

Do you have enough knowledge about photography and are regularly practicing? Well, then it’s the perfect time for you to prepare yourself to become a professional photographer. You can follow the following tips for that.

Select Your Niche:

As you have learned much about photography, practicing it, and thinking of taking this profession, you should decide on your niche. Niche is the topic on which you are working. Such as wedding photography, wildlife photography, portrait, product photography, etc.

The photography sector is very wide. So anyone should work under a certain niche. It will be much helpful for flourishing your talents.

Take Internship Training Under A Skilled Photographer :

It is important to take an internship to be a  professional photographer. It will help you create networking, achieving practical skills. You will learn about lighting and other technical issues from your Trainer. You can become acquainted with marketing policies and also will know about how to run a photography business. It will also be helpful for you to select suitable gear for your niche.

You can find your internship by mailing it directly to your favorite photographer. Also, can contact publications that have a department for photography. Whatever you select, try to pick it according to your niche. It would be more effective for your career.

Research about the market:

A good photographer requires to have a sound knowledge about the local market. Collect information about the average market value of photography; know about the investment for running a business. Also, find out what kind of photography is common and profitable in your area.

Know about your restrictions :

Having much knowledge and awareness of the laws and regulations is important to become a professional photographer. If you don’t have it, your business may have to face problems even it can ruin it. The responsibility of a photographer to be careful about the laws and rights of him. The issues which should be known to a photographer are:

  • Issues of copyright.
  • A photographer must know about contracts, releasing forms, and their uses.
  • Knowledge about commercial and noncommercial use of photos.
  • Security and enforcement of laws.
  • Taking photos by drones.

Make Yourself Confident

Confidence comes from knowledge. When you have a good command over camera, gear, and uses, ultimately, you will be confident. Here are some tips for building up your confidence as a skilled  photographer :

  • Enlist shooting every day in your daily routine.
  • Please make a list of your weaknesses as a photographer and set up your goals to overcome them.
  • Do experiment with a project of 365 days.
  • Experiment with different conditions and locations.
  • Keep a note of essential pieces of information, and never stop learning.

Believe in your capability and always try to give your best. Photography is a sector of hard competition. Take your knowledge to that level where you aren’t afraid of your competitors. Never underestimate your competitors. Rather try to learn from them and keep good relationships with them.

Give priority to your job:

No one can turn into a professional photographer from an amateur photographer. It is a long time process to establish yourself as a businessman. Moreover, you need huge financial support for a new business. So, do a job besides photography. It will support you until you can establish your business.

It may seem very hard working for you at the beginning. But when you start your work, you will notice that most of the photography programs happen on holidays.

Welcome New Opportunities :

If you get a little bit different offers than your niche, don’t say ‘no.’ To become a professional photographer, you need various experiences. Not only that, you may discover something new from this opportunity.

One thing should keep in mind that you needn’t force yourself for new opportunities. If you are confident of doing that, then you should accept the offer.

Create Your Websites :

You are now ready to work with your clients. So, it’s time for you to create a website. In the beginning, you can use a free website with some basic sections.

When your website is ready, post your bio, create a portfolio of your work and upload it with your major projects. Write a brief description of your work, your working experiences. Also, add your contacting details. You should select a website which has a large gallery which is easily viewed. Create a theme and group all images of your website.

Introduce Yourself as a photographer :

Order a photography business card for you. When you get your card in hand, tell people about your venture. Please give it to your introduced people. Be sure that all your website and social media links are included in the card.

Attend all the local events of your area and talk with people. Select your target customers among them. Introduce yourself as a  photographer and give them your business card.

Grow Your Business

Now you have enough knowledge and experience with photography. You have a business card, website, and most importantly, you have confidence. So, it’s the right time for you to become a professional photographer. Please take it as a business. Here are some tips for your business :

Start Marketing of your Business

Networking is the most important fact about marketing. If you can create a strong network in your locality and social media, it will be easy for you. Talk about your business with everyone. You can also take advantage of social media. Open a page on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media. Post at least one time in a day.

Add a watermark to your pictures; otherwise, others will use your photos. Don’t give anyone your photos without a watermark. Also, be careful about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It will help you show your pictures on the first page of google.

Make Targets and Fulfill Them:

Success doesn’t come overnight. For achieving success, you need a lot of practice. The practice of setting goals and fulfilling them into deadlines.

You may set two types of goals. One is a short term goal, and another is a long term goal. The short term goal may be like, doing five photoshoot programs in one month. Long-term goals may be like expanding your businesses etc.

Manage Your Business Money:

Saving and managing money is very important to become a professional photographer. You should create a bank account for your business. Keep a notebook and write down all exchanges. Be careful about balancing your income and expenditures. Check your notebook at least one time a week.

Save enough money for your business. Make sure your business can face any emergency or loss. It’s better for you if your saving amount of money can bear your one year’s expenditure.

Keep receipts for all expenses of your business. It can help your accountant for calculating the tax deduction of your business. Remember about your taxes that you have to pay taxes for every year. Save that money from your income.

Keep Notes:

When your businesses grow, you have a lot of work. Meeting up with clients, attending programs, and so much work. It’s quite difficult for anyone to keep them in memory. The best way to do all the things appropriately is by keeping a note. Make notes of your to do work on the previous night. It will save you from missing any important program.

Arrange Your  Necessary Files and Documents :

To run a business of photography, you need a business license. Know about your country’s business license requirements and the necessary documents for your profession’s support.

Be meticulous about your receipts, contracts, client’s emails, invoices, and previous records of your businesses. Keep everything in a way that you can easily find out about them in a moment. Try to keep paper and electronic copies of every important paper.

Keep contact with a business attorney. He can suggest better ideas which can help you in many ways. For instance, make insurance for you and your employees.

Price Setting

If you want to become a professional photographer, your work will not be confined to only shooting photos. After taking pictures, he needs to do a lot of work. Like editing photos and printing them out. It requires time and skills. So, when you set your rates, consider those facts. Don’t demand too high or too low a rate. If your price is too high, you will lose many clients, and if it is too low, your talent may be questionable.

Research about the market price of other photographers in your locality. Take ideas from them and set a moderate price based on your experiences, skills, and abilities.

Contact with past customers :

If any customer is satisfied with your services, ask him/her to refer their family members and friends to you. You can also contact your past customers through email after every six months and ask them if they need any photographer. It will help you to grow your business bigger.

Keep a written contract

Create an agreement before going to any photoshoot. It will be a sign of your professionalism. Inform your clients about the written contract before finalizing any program. You should include everything like paying money and about the things for which you are not responsible. For example, tell them clearly that you are not liable for the photos deleted accidentally if their recovery is impossible.

Keep contact with an attorney always. Make a contract with him to keep it safer. Join a photography group. These groups offer a pre-written deal for their group members.

Give importance to clients need:

You need to be aware of the demand for your clients. Money is an important factor to become a professional photographer. As you need money, so give priority to your client’s order. Take their opinion. Make a combination of their order and your talent. It will surely expand your business.

You can also offer them to buy prints or digital images (with the right of printing out). If you give your best, they will surely like your work and buy it.

Keep a Schedule for your work

Clean and organized work is the identity of a professional job. It will make your customers feel easy to work with you. That’s why it is important.

While making a schedule, consider shooting time, editing time, meeting time, driving time, and editing time. Calculate how much time you need in total. Make your schedule accordingly. Remember that you need to keep a specific timetable for certain types of photography. As an example, you will get many offers on the weekends or evenings if you do wedding photography.

Take Professional help:

As a new businessman, you may face many problems and difficulties. When you fall into this type of situation, take help from seniors. Keep a healthy relationship with your elder photographers. So, you may ask for help from them. Their advice surely is helpful to you.

Study about business

Now you are not only a photographer, a businessman as well. Study about business for building up yourself as a professional photographer. That will be helpful for your career.

Nowadays, many photography magazines in the market publish business-related articles. Please read them and apply the knowledge to your new business. You will be able to manage and tackle all types of issues that may arise in your industry. In this way is how you will be a successful businessman.


It is not easy to become a professional photographer if you don’t have determination, patience, and dedication. It’s a long process. If you want to be a successful photographer, these tips are not enough for you. In reality, you need to do a lot of things. These are only a few steps that can show you a path.

We wish you the best of luck!

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